The Vicar of Baghdad, influencer Andrew Tate in shocking claim says, ‘ISIS are the real Muslims’

New Delhi: Andrew Tate, British-American ‘influencer’ also known as “The Vicar of Baghdad”, has now gone a step further than his earlier reputation and actually praised the Islamic State, which is known for the beheadings of infidels, throwing gay people off rooftops, and the rapes of women who they consider not loyal to Islam.

Tate has now in an astonishing claim said that the Islamic State is comprised of “real Muslims,” a report published in the Jihad Watch last month said. He made the claim initially in a now-deleted viral TikTok video.

The TikTok video was shared on 25 October by a pro-ISIS media outlet on Telegram, which praised Tate for his statements. Later, on 29 October, Tate discussed his conversion and beliefs in an October 29 podcast with British Muslim podcaster Mohammad Hijab.

Earlier, Tate has been known to provide reports to the Western world about the Islamic State’s activities, since journalists had been driven out of ISIS domains ever since the dreaded group gained power in Western Asia.

Tate in his earlier interviews makes an interesting point. He says that he has tried to look for the concept of ‘forgiveness’ in Islam and that he couldn’t find any. “The trouble is a lack of forgiveness in Islam. I have looked through the Quran trying to find forgiveness… there isn’t any. If you find it, tell me. This makes it very difficult to talk to ISIS because they can show you quite clearly that it is what Allah wants. They can justify their position when Allah says you should combat and fight the infidel and they say, “Well, these are infidels.” So the question is, how can you prove that these are not infidels? And you can’t.’……” Tate had said.

He further warns that the ISIS is now too dangerous. “ISIS are on the doorstep of Baghdad. Their bombs are going off all the time,” says Tate.

The report in the Jihad Watch also points out that nearly 1400 years has proved that Islam is not “a religion of peace”. ISIS is in keeping with that Islamic tradition. “Of course there are Muslims who ascribe to living peacefully among non-Muslims, but this is not in accordance with normative Islam. As loathsome as Andrew Tate is, he is correct in stating that members of ISIS ‘are the real Muslims’. Muslims who support peace first need to admit the obvious problem within their religion and stop deceiving infidels, the report read.

A former professional boxer, Tate gained notoriety for his provocative remarks on social media, many of which have been widely condemned as misogynistic. Several social media platforms which include Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube – consequently banned Tate’s accounts. But despite that, he continues to retain his presence across the internet and make startling claims, shocking many across the Western world.

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