Highlights, Australia Women vs India Women pink-ball Test Day 3, Full cricket Score: Hosts 143/4 at stumps

17:46 (IST)

That brings us to the end of our coverage of Day 3 of the pink-ball Test between Australia and India. For the first time since Thursday, rain hasn’t made a single appearance across the three sessions today, resulting in the first full days’ play, with India finishing on a formidable total of 377/8 before restricting Australia to 143/4. However, with just three sessions left in the game and Perry standing strong on 27, draw seems the inevitable conclusion for now. The only way India can enforce a result from here is to get both overnight batters out early, wrap the innings up quickly and then hope for another sub-par batting performance from the hosts.

Wishful thinking one could say, considering this is the same team that was on a 26-ODI winning streak recently, and is virtually unbeatable on home soil. Still, one can never quite rule out a miracle in this sport.

17:40 (IST)

Perry stands between India and victory tomorrow

17:39 (IST)

With just three sessions left, seems very likely

17:33 (IST)

After 60 overs,Australia Women 143/4 ( Ellyse Perry 27 , Ashleigh Gardner 13)

Vastrakar returns for what could be the final over of the day with the 30-minute extension after the official close of play nearly over. Gardner collects her first boundary with an outside edge in the fourth delivery, the ball staying low, beating slip and running all the way to deep third.

Five off the over, with the umpire signalling STUMPS on Day 3

17:29 (IST)

After 59 overs,Australia Women 138/4 ( Ellyse Perry 26 , Ashleigh Gardner 9)

Sloppy work by Mandhana at extra cover as the ball slips through between her hands after a drive by Gardner, allowing her to come back for a second. Two from the over.

17:26 (IST)

After 58 overs,Australia Women 136/4 ( Ellyse Perry 26 , Ashleigh Gardner 7)

Brace to Gardner at the start of the over as she flicks a full toss from Meghna towards deep square leg, and follows it up with a single next ball. Dot off each of the next four deliveries, with another five overs left after this.

17:20 (IST)

After 57 overs,Australia Women 133/4 ( Ellyse Perry 26 , Ashleigh Gardner 4)

No change from Goswami’s end as Mithali looks to keep her running from one end. Tidy over from the veteran seamer with just the one coming off it, Gardner collecting a single in the second delivery.

17:15 (IST)

After 56 overs,Australia Women 132/4 ( Ellyse Perry 26 , Ashleigh Gardner 3)

One seamer replaces another, as Meghna returns in place of Vastrakar. Starts off with a beauty that narrowly misses Gardner’s outside edge. Risky single collected by Gardner in the fourth delivery after working the ball towards mid on, with Mithali missing out on a direct hit that could’ve had the batter in trouble. Just the one from the over.

17:11 (IST)

After 55 overs,Australia Women 131/4 ( Ellyse Perry 26 , Ashleigh Gardner 2)

Some more work done on the ball as Mithali once again carries it to the umpire before the start of this over. Just a quick snip of the scissors is all. Goswami, meanwhile, collects her third maiden.

17:08 (IST)

After 54 overs,Australia Women 131/4 ( Ellyse Perry 26 , Ashleigh Gardner 2)

Vastrakar continues, and looks like it will be seam from both ends for the remainder of the session. One off the over, with Perry collecting a single off the first delivery.

17:06 (IST)

After 53 overs,Australia Women 130/4 ( Ellyse Perry 25 , Ashleigh Gardner 2)

Jhulan Goswami returns to the attack in place of Gayakwad, conceding two at the start of a new spell as Perry and Gardner collect a single each. Another 10 overs left to be bowled today, and looks like five of those will go to Goswami as the Indians hope to collect a fifth wicket — preferably that of Perry — before stumps. Also, the Aussies need another 98 to avoid follow-on, which should pretty much guarantee a draw.

16:59 (IST)

After 52 overs,Australia Women 128/4 ( Ellyse Perry 24 , Ashleigh Gardner 1)

Bit of delay before the start of this over as the umpires decide to have another look at the ball. And indeed it is being changed after the match officials notice a problem. Vastrakar continues after the delay, conceding one off her 14th over, with Ash Gardner getting off the mark.

16:51 (IST)

After 51 overs,Australia Women 127/4 ( Ellyse Perry 24 , Ashleigh Gardner 0)

Eight off the over, with Perry decided to switch gears and collect some quick runs as she collects two boundaries in three deliveries in Gayakwad’s 12th over, moving into the 20s. Meanwhile, Ash Gardner has joined her after McGrath’s dismissal, and is yet to get off the mark after facing a couple of balls.

16:48 (IST)

After 50 overs,Australia Women 119/4 ( Ellyse Perry 16 , Ashleigh Gardner 0)

Vastrakar continues. McGrath attempts a pull in the third delivery, but gets an under edge as the ball doesn’t quite climb as she would’ve liked. Goes for a cut next ball, but ends up slicing straight to Mandhana at point. Wicket maiden for the seamer! The ball, meanwhile, is changed after McGrath's dismissal. Looks like it had lost its shape.

16:43 (IST)

OUT! Sliced straight to Smriti at point, has McGrath as Vastrakar collects her second wicket! Pressure was starting to build on the all-rounder with all the dot deliveries, and she pounced on a wide one from the seamer, only failing to get enough elevation and power to clear the fielder. AUS 119/4

McGrath c Mandhana b Vastrakar 28(68)

16:40 (IST)

After 49 overs,Australia Women 119/3 ( Ellyse Perry 16 , Tahlia McGrath 28)

Gayakwad returns in place of Deepti. Mithali’s stuck with the spin-pace combo all day long and will likely continue with the plan till stumps. Dot off each of the first four deliveries before McGrath tucks the full delivery from the left-arm spinner behind square leg for a single. One from the over.

16:35 (IST)

After 48 overs,Australia Women 118/3 ( Ellyse Perry 16 , Tahlia McGrath 27)

Maiden for Vastrakar, her fifth in 12 overs as Perry chooses to remain defensive in this over.

16:33 (IST)

After 47 overs,Australia Women 118/3 ( Ellyse Perry 16 , Tahlia McGrath 27)

Six off Deepti’s seventh over, including a boundary off the second ball as McGrath drives the ball down the ground, beating Shafali at mid on along the way. She works the ball through midwicket three balls later, coming back for a brace. Looks like play will be extended beyond the scheduled close of play at 5 pm IST as another 16 overs are left to be bowled.

16:28 (IST)

After 46 overs,Australia Women 111/3 ( Ellyse Perry 15 , Tahlia McGrath 21)

Maiden for Vastrakar, his fourth in 11 overs. Meanwhile, decent little partnership building between Perry and McGrath, worth 31 off 83 at the end of this over.

16:24 (IST)

After 45 overs,Australia Women 111/3 ( Ellyse Perry 15 , Tahlia McGrath 21)

Change from both ends as Deepti, who collected four maidens in five overs in her previous spell, replacing Meghna. McGrath welcomes her into a new spell with a lovely cover drive in the third delivery that results in her third four of the innings. Collects a single two balls later.

16:18 (IST)

After 44 overs,Australia Women 106/3 ( Ellyse Perry 15 , Tahlia McGrath 16)

Pooja Vastrakar returns to the attack in place of Rajeshwari Gayakwad. Perry moves to 15 with a boundary off the penultimate delivery, cutting behind square with precise timing. Time for the players to have a drink now.

16:13 (IST)

After 43 overs,Australia Women 102/3 ( Ellyse Perry 11 , Tahlia McGrath 16)

Tidy over from Meghna with just one coming off it, as Perry flicks the ball through square leg off the penultimate delivery for a single.

16:12 (IST)

After 42 overs,Australia Women 101/3 ( Ellyse Perry 10 , Tahlia McGrath 16)

McGrath brings up the 100 for the Aussies with a lovely cut off Gayakwad, with Mandhana giving the ball a chase and putting in a slide, albeit in vain. Partnership between Perry and McGrath worth 21 at the moment.

16:11 (IST)

After 41 overs,Australia Women 97/3 ( Ellyse Perry 10 , Tahlia McGrath 12)

A relatively expensive over from Meghna as she concedes 10 off her eighth over, including a boundary to McGrath in the third delivery as the all-rounder flicks a low full toss towards the long-leg fence — only the second boundary of the session and the first in more than 12 overs. Fine stop by substitute Jemimah Rodrigues at cover in the penultimate ball after a well-timed drive by McGrath to save three runs for her side.

16:10 (IST)

After 40 overs,Australia Women 87/3 ( Ellyse Perry 9 , Tahlia McGrath 3)

Rajeshwari Gayakwad returns to the attack as Deepti is given a break after a fine spell (5-4-2-0). One off the over, with Perry setting off for a single after a misfield by Shafali at cover.

15:58 (IST)

After 39 overs,Australia Women 86/3 ( Ellyse Perry 8 , Tahlia McGrath 3)

Just the one off Meghna’s seventh over as Perry sets off for a single after guiding the full delivery past mid on. She moves to 8, having faced 44 balls along the way.

15:55 (IST)

There is a reason for DRS' exclusion after all!

15:54 (IST)

After 38 overs,Australia Women 85/3 ( Ellyse Perry 7 , Tahlia McGrath 3)

McGrath looks to drive the ball around in order to break the rut, but is unable to pick the gaps. Another maiden for Deepti. Partnership currently worth 5 off 35 deliveries.

15:52 (IST)

After 37 overs,Australia Women 85/3 ( Ellyse Perry 7 , Tahlia McGrath 3)

Meghna Singh returns to the attack, replacing Vastrakar. Starts off with a maiden with just the one leg bye being added to the Aussie total in this over. The runs, meanwhile, appear to have dried up for the hosts since the dismissals of Healy and Lanning, both of whom were scoring at an impressive rate.

15:48 (IST)

After 36 overs,Australia Women 84/3 ( Ellyse Perry 7 , Tahlia McGrath 3)

Perry dances down the track and drives towards extra cover for a single — the first run Deepti’s conceded in this innings. Another single, this time collected by McGrath off the last delivery as she guides the ball through square leg. Two from the over.

15:43 (IST)

After 35 overs,Australia Women 82/3 ( Ellyse Perry 6 , Tahlia McGrath 2)

Back-to-back maidens for the Indians now as McGrath blocks and defends her way through Vastrakar’s ninth over.

15:42 (IST)

Teams will really be missing DRS in this Test

15:40 (IST)

After 34 overs,Australia Women 82/3 ( Ellyse Perry 6 , Tahlia McGrath 2)

Third maiden on the trot for Deepti Sharma as Ellyse Perry, who has faced 39 deliveries for 6 so far, blocks her way through this over.

15:37 (IST)

After 33 overs,Australia Women 82/3 ( Ellyse Perry 6 , Tahlia McGrath 2)

Vastrakar strikes in her second over of the spell, trapping Lanning leg-before as the Aussie captain departs for 38. Replays however, confirm an inside edge, and Lanning simply was unlucky on the occasion. Tahlia McGrath walks out to bat and gets off the mark with a brace.

15:35 (IST)

OUT! Vastrakar gets rid of the well-set Australian captain Lanning, successfully appealing for leg-before with a length delivery. Huge wicket for the Indians as they snap the momentum that was starting to build with the steady third-wicket stand. Replays however, show Lanning was hard-done by, with an inside-edge somehow escaping the umpire's attention. Another reminder of how much the two sides would be missing DRS in this landmark fixture. AUS 80/3

Lanning LBW Vastrakar 38(78)

15:29 (IST)

After 32 overs,Australia Women 80/2 ( Meg Lanning (C) 38 , Ellyse Perry 6)

Deepti continues, with Goswami standing at the lone slip along with a silly point and a catching midwicket. Second maiden on the trot for the offie.

15:26 (IST)

After 31 overs,Australia Women 80/2 ( Meg Lanning (C) 38 , Ellyse Perry 6)

Change from both ends as Pooja Vastrakar returns to the attack in place of Goswami. Perry clips a full delivery from the seamer through square leg in the penultimate ball to move to 6, with the deficit now less than 300. Lanning drives through cover in the penultimate delivery, coming back for an easy second.

15:23 (IST)

After 30 overs,Australia Women 77/2 ( Meg Lanning (C) 36 , Ellyse Perry 5)

First bowling change of the session as Deepti Sharma, who produced a valuable 66 earlier during India’s innings, replaces Gayakwad. She starts off with a maiden.

15:20 (IST)

After 29 overs,Australia Women 77/2 ( Meg Lanning (C) 36 , Ellyse Perry 5)

Two off Goswami’s 10th over as Perry grabs a brace off the second delivery, guiding the ball through the midwicket region. Australia’s deficit stand exactly at 300 at the moment.

15:15 (IST)

After 28 overs,Australia Women 75/2 ( Meg Lanning (C) 36 , Ellyse Perry 3)

Lanning gets going in this over with the first boundary of the session as she gets on the backfoot and cuts hard through point in the penultimate delivery. Four from the over.

15:13 (IST)

After 27 overs,Australia Women 71/2 ( Meg Lanning (C) 32 , Ellyse Perry 3)

Goswami keeps things tight to collect a maiden. Narrowly beats Perry’s outside edge with a sharp delivery at the end of the over. Perry was tempted into the drive by the senior pacer, and narrowly avoided getting caught-behind.

15:10 (IST)

After 26 overs,Australia Women 71/2 ( Meg Lanning (C) 32 , Ellyse Perry 3)

Gayakwad continues as Mithali sticks to the ploy of having a spinner from one and and a seamer from the other. Just one from the over, with Perry collecting a single in the penultimate ball.

15:06 (IST)

After 25 overs,Australia Women 70/2 ( Meg Lanning (C) 32 , Ellyse Perry 2)

Goswami continues after the tea break, giving away one in the first over of the session as Ellyse Perry keeps the strike with a single off the last delivery.

15:04 (IST)

Meg Lanning and Ellyse Perry make their way back to the centre along with the Indian XI, with Jhulan Goswami set to continue after the tea interval

14:43 (IST)

After 24 overs,Australia Women 69/2 ( Meg Lanning (C) 32 , Ellyse Perry 1)

Gayakwad continues, bowling the final over of the session. Lanning collects a boundary off the second delivery, cutting behind square, before Bhatia appears to put down a chance in the last ball of the over.

And it’s Tea on Day 3, with Healy’s dismissal somewhat opening things up for the Indians.

14:40 (IST)

After 23 overs,Australia Women 65/2 ( Meg Lanning (C) 28 , Ellyse Perry 1)

Jhulan Goswami returns to the attack, and instantly makes an impact by breaking the second wicket stand as Healy gets a feather while looking to block, with Bhatia doing the rest behind the stumps. Out walks the superstar Ellyse Perry, and she gets off the mark right away with a single. Leg bye added in the last delivery. Two runs and a wicket from this over.

14:37 (IST)

OUT! Goswami with the breakthrough! Makes an instant impact after Mithali brings her back shortly before tea as she gets the in-form Aussie keeper-bat caught-behind. Beautifully set up by the senior pacer as she bowled a couple of short deliveries along with an inswinger earlier in the over, before catching Healy off-guard with a fuller delivery that nips away slightly. Caught the batter in two minds, and got the reward in the end. AUS 63/2

Healy c Bhatia b Goswami 29(66)

14:30 (IST)

After 22 overs,Australia Women 63/1 ( Alyssa Healy (W) 29 , Meg Lanning (C) 28)

Lanning attempts to pull a short delivery in the third ball of the over, but ends up gloving it onto her helmet. Fuller delivery from Vastrakar next ball, and is steered through cover point for a boundary. Four from the over.

14:27 (IST)

After 21 overs,Australia Women 59/1 ( Alyssa Healy (W) 29 , Meg Lanning (C) 24)

Lanning works the ball through the leg side for a single off the penultimate ball of this over, before Healy grabs a brace with a cut next ball. Partnership between the two now touching the 50-run mark.

14:24 (IST)

After 20 overs,Australia Women 56/1 ( Alyssa Healy (W) 27 , Meg Lanning (C) 23)

Tidy over from Vastrakar with just one coming off it, as a leg bye is added to the Australian total in the fourth delivery. Second maiden for the seamer in five overs.

Australia Women Vs India Women, pink-ball Test Live Cricket Score Updates: Follow this space for the latest update on the third day of the one-off pink-ball Test between Australia and India.

Day 2 report: Smriti Mandhana continued from where she left off on the opening day as she became the first Indian in seven years to score a Test century in women’s cricket, before rain made its way back to the Metricon Stadium in Gold Coast to wash out a majority of overs on the second day of the pink-ball Test between Australia and India.

Mandhana, who was unbeaten on 80 overnight, brought up her maiden Test ton with a boundary off Ellyse Perry in the afternoon session on the second day, taking 170 deliveries to get there.

The left-handed Indian opener had been on the offensive from the very start of her innings, and by the time she departed for 127 after having cracked 22 fours and a six, India were in a solid position looking at the possibility of posting a challenging first innings total in the range of 350-400.

Australia captain Meg Lanning (L) and India's skipper Mithali Raj (R) before the pink-ball Test. Image: Twitter/CricketComAu

Australia, however, did claw back after her departure. Punam Raut made headlines as she decided to walk on her own towards the Indian dugout after the umpire turned down Sophie Molineux’ appeal for caught-behind. Perry got her first wicket of the multi-format series when Yastika Bhatia, batting at No 5, holed out to Beth Mooney, while skipper Mithali Raj was run out after a mix-up with Deepti Sharma.

By the time the weather decided to play spoilsport for a second day running, India were 276/5 with Deepti batting on 12 in the company of wicketkeeper-batter Taniya Bhatia, who was yet to get off the mark.

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